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Merida bikes are one of the market leaders in the eMountain bike category and come equipped with the new Shimano STEPS motor system.

Founded in the early 1970s, Merida have been manufacturing quality bicycles for over 25 years from their factory in Taiwan and today all research and development takes place in Germany.

As well as a strong presence in electric mountain bikes, Merida also produces a wide range of road, mountain and touring bikes. Recent innovations have seen Merida expand their products into the ever-growing gravel market.

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Merida is one of the best known and respected bike manufacturers in the world and are one of the very few brands that have their own factory. With over 25 years of experience and development, Merida bikes benefit extensive manufacturing know how to deliver high-quality bikes at very competitive prices.

Merida offer a wide range of mountain bikes from affordable hardtail MTBs to big hitting enduro full sussers and every bike in between. Merida have an equally wide range of road bikes, from the full aero Reacto to the sportive friendly Merida Ride. Merida hybrid bikes are a great choice for commuting and leisure cycling as they offer incredible value for money. For the more adventurous Merida cyclocross bikes are ideal for on-and-off-roading as well as CX racing. Merida women’s bikes feature ladies specific geometry in every cycling discipline.

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Merida road bikes are built on more than four decades of forward-thinking bicycle manufacturing. Their ‘two minds are better than one’ philosophy has resulted in numerous partnerships all over the world – from their research & development headquarters in Germany, to their world-leading production team in Taiwan, and others in-between.

Available in either alloy or carbon, and with both men’s & women’s geometries, Merida’s vast range of road bikes can be broken down by discipline. The Ride is Merida’s sportive bike range, designed for long distance & endurance cycling. The Scultura is Merida’s road race bike model, with a fast & agile geometry. Carving through the air, the Merida aero race bike is where you’ll find the Reacto range of bikes. Focusing more on comfort is the Speeder, which is the Merida flat bar road bike model.

Merida Mountain Bikes

Merida bikes is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Their experience and knowledge has made other manufacturers look to them to build their bikes. So, you should be confident in Merida’s ability to deliver a high quality, yet fantastic value for money mountain bike. With hardtails and full suspension bikes of all price ranges and disciplines on offer, you’re sure to find a Merida Mountain bike to fit your riding style.

The Merida One-Forty is that do-it-all trail bike and comes at a price point that won’t scare off your bank. For fun riding, the Big Trail provides all the smiles you could ask for with its wide tyres and playful geometry, while XC racers will get their focus on with the Big Nine.




Drag is the road cyclist’s enemy, stealing speed and energy. Meet the solution; the REACTO. Outstanding aerodynamic performance means it cuts through the air with scalpel-like precision. At the same time, the class-leading comfort gives it the ability to play out its aerodynamic advantage on the cobblestones – or the potholed littered lanes of your favourite training ride. The REACTO is available in CF5 and CF3 carbon fibre levels, both featuring the same World Tour proven handing.

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Merida bike are one of the best-known bike manufacturers around the world. Offering a wide range of high-quality bikes from their cross bike range which are ideal for on-and-off-roading. Their hybrid bike range which are perfect for commuting and leisure cycling while the Merida Big range of Hardtail Mountain bikes that are perfect for those off road downhill adventures. The new Merida Espresso 200 Se 2020 Electric Bike is incredible value for money with its 40Nm motor, 418Wh battery and Shimano Altus 9-speed gears to keep you cycling for longer.

In September 1972, Ike Tseng (1932–2012) a brilliant engineer and visionary founded Merida. While visiting the USA in the early 1970’s Ike had seen a sign in the entrance to a bike shop stating that due to unacceptable quality the shop refused to repair any Taiwanese bikes. This annoyed Ike, and in defiance he set out to realise his dream of high quality bikes “made in Taiwan”. The factory based in Yuanlin, Taiwan was called Merida Industry Company Ltd.

The Merida name has three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” and is roughly translated as the company’s intention to manufacture only beautiful, high quality bikes enabling anybody to reach their destination as pleasantly as possible. Ike’s leadership of Merida created a world leading factory and he played a huge part in changing the perception of Taiwan, which is now seen as the highest quality country of origin for bikes. But Ike was not satisfied, so in 1988 he took another big step by launching the Merida brand.

2013 is our 25th anniversary, and we are justifiably proud of keeping Ike’s visions alive, manufacturing a huge range of bikes from children’s bikes to world class professional road and mountain bikes for our Lampre-Merida and Multivan-Merida riders. After 41 years, our bikes still live up to Ike’s “Me-Ri-Da” vision. Maybe the words; “reaching their destination as pleasantly as possible” suggests soft and leisurely journeys.  But in the cutting edge of professional racing “pleasantly” could easily be swapped for “efficiently and comfortably”.  Professional riders need to reach the finish line in the best condition possible in order to win the race.

Everybody has a different journey, but anybody can benefit from Merida bikes.